Whilst on IRC one night, a self-proclaimed atheist (with the nick of FriendlyAtheist) proceeded to tell me that atheists were “superior” individuals to theists because:

  • Atheists live life more passionately. This is apparently because theists sit around, waiting to die, and be ushered into some sort of afterlife.
  • Atheists were unfettered by any “shackles” of restricted thought. Though he was not able to produce any satisfactory evidence for such.
  • Atheists are inherently smarter. He produced a single study (taken out of context) to prove this. Basically told me that all religious people are lower in IQ than atheists.
  • … and other things

Over the course of the next year I paid close attention to atheists from all walks of life, and came to a few conclusions: Many of them are kinda amazingly-hostile; shockingly rude; self-important assholes who attempt to seal themselves off from any, and all, forms of criticism. If you criticize them in any way, it seems, the basic rebuttal is one of “yeah, well, look what Christians do”. As if this magically exempts them from their behavior.

I then noticed that nobody really calls them out on their crap. Many have blogs that attempt arguments against atheists, but none that merely document plainly some of the more insane behavior of such without any elaborate frills.

One of the wonders of Freedom of Speech is that if you let an idiot speak freely: All can see what an idiot he is.

And atheists can really be idiots.