The Most Terrifying Gay Republican Ever

Just met a gay guy today, who was an atheist, a Republican… and also a racist.

He was mildly alarming, and single-handedly proved that being an atheist doesn’t magically make people more rational.


Dystopian Atheism

“Religion should be as aggressively sought-out and exterminated as the very cancer it is. It should be made illegal. Anybody caught telling their children religious concepts should be arrested for child abuse, and the kids handed over to CPS. CPS should investigate the house and confiscate all religious materials. Frankly, the only people who should be qualified to have children, or even hold public office, should be atheists.” — Anon atheist on a message board

That moment you meet an extreme right-wing atheist

“There’s no such thing as racism anymore. It’s a thing Libtards make up to try and divide the nation.”

“I don’t believe in God. But I do believe that aliens seeded us here on Earth, and other planets.”

“I would love to form a personal bodyguard for Trump. Get all jack-booted and armed with a gun. I would so join that.”

“Only Democrats join the KKK.” — anon atheist

Atheist obsessed with sex offender

There is a seriously-depraved, and rather cruel, atheist who lurks over on Dalnet. As I understand it, his original nick was LostAtheist. He failed to register this name, somebody else did, and he now logs onto IRC with a new nick and IP address each session. This has made it impossible to block or evade his presence.

After talking about his behavior I had the unfortunate “honor” of witnessing it firsthand on several occasions.

He stalks, and endlessly harasses, a registered sex offender in one chat – to a degree that is almost pathological. The offender recently changed what nick he signs online with, and this atheist dude has been obsessively after him to update his new online alias with the registy in his area. Said athiest has sent repeated emails to the registry to “help them out”.

My first question is this: Since a person on IRC can change nicks at will, is this dude going to endlesly obsess over keeping this registry updated?! O_o

When somebody asked him why he was so utterly obsessed, he replied with a rather unconvincing excuse of that this “sick deviant” is making it “unsafe for kids online”.

Okay. Now. As several others pointed out: Kids basically don’t use IRC… if they’re even aware of it.

And then to top it off, after a guy in a Christian channel gave a rather sincere (and I thought honest) account of his battles with severe depression, this what he said:

“No wonder you’re such a douche: You’re a fucking weak, pathetic, loser.”

After being kicked from the room he (according to the depression guy) private messaged him and continued hatefully ranting against him, saying suicide was “better than your sorry ass hanging onto life with antidepressants and hoping your non-existant fucking god will save you.”

The next day when somebody asked him why he “hated religious people so much” he (with all seeming sincerity) replied: “I don’t hate them. I pity them.”

This atheist is a military-grade failure of a human being in every regard.

Cleaning out the gene pool

“Nobody wants to talk about the Jews because you instantly are called anti-semitic, but if Hitler had managed to kill them all off we wouldn’t have Israel, and the Middle East wouldn’t be the shit hole of a mess it is today.” – Anon atheist on IRC

“These people shouldn’t be allowed to breed. Sterilize them. I mean, sometimes you need to clean out the gene pool.” – Anon atheist on USENET

Atheists who want to Persecute Theists

“It should be illegal for any parent to teach their child anything religious. Child protective services should be called immediately. It is child abuse.” – Anon atheist in a chat

“I think religious people should be punished severely for all the damage they have done to this world.” – Anon athiest on a message board

“Religion should be listed as a serious psychiatric condition. They should all be locked up and given heavy medication.” – Anon atheist in a chat